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Fueled by what matters


Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.

Isaac Asimov

A Foundation of Values

RMF prides itself on a values-driven culture that is not only reflected externally in our client work, but internally in our day-to-day interactions as well. RMF has developed in-house project management training programs and leadership development programs that emphasize our core values. These core values, which were defined more than 20 years ago, guide us in striving for excellence and providing a supportive motivating environment where we all can thrive.

Best Effort for Clients
Quality of Work
Technical Excellence
Continuity and Stability of the Firm
Employee “Quality of LIfe”
Profitable Performance
Growth Opportunities
Mutual Respect
Ryan Rhodes

Working for hospitals, government facilities, educational campuses, and other spaces that are pivotal to society is an honor.

RMF’s value of a healthy work-life balance allows me to handle personal matters outside of work. They strive to make this the best place to work. I take pride in RMF’s value of integrity in its work. There have been many projects where I have seen a lack of follow-through and attentiveness from others that would have caused bigger issues if it was not for RMF. Being the eyes and ears of the client on a construction site is an invaluable asset for ensuring a project’s success and we do not take the responsibility lightly.
Mike McCarthy

What we do on a day to day basis makes a difference in many people’s lives.

RMF was founded on providing innovative, energy efficient and sustainable engineering. Our core clients are at the forefront of educating tomorrow’s leaders, saving lives, curing diseases, advancing technology and uncovering scientific discoveries.  We take pride in the fact that we can provide them with state of the art facilities to do their work, and do so in a way that is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.
Project JHU Wilmer Eye Institute

One of the most modern ophthalmic surgical facilities and vision research centers in the world, the building provides state of the art laboratory, treatment and clinical space while promoting interaction between scientists.

Project Durham Performing Arts Center

Community Enhancement Award winner for its positive economic, aesthetic and cultural effects. Winner of the 2018 IEBA Theater of the Year.